New Zealand Chardonnay is the third most widely planted and picked grape variety in New Zealand; it’s a full bodied white wine full of elegant, crisp fruit-laden flavours ranging from pitiless apples and lemons through to lush stone fruit, peaches and apricots.

Chardonnay is grown throughout New Zealand’s wine regions symbolising our unique terroir and huge diversity in producing varied fruit flavours and aromas while retaining a crisp acidity balance perfectly rounded with oak.

The warmer wine regions, namely Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne, produce fruit driven soft ripe Chardonnays, while Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa offer a rich fruit flavour with more acidity, and the Chardonnays from the Nelson and Marlborough wine region a more lemony fruit in flavour.

Winemakers and viticulturists alike enjoy the versatility Chardonnay offers, allowing them to create and produce a mouth-filling concentrated fruit-driven wine.

Food Matching: Barbecued garlic shrimps, Butternut squash risotto, Conger-eel chowder, Ipoh-style roast chicken with rice, Japanese pork belly, Roast chicken or turkey, apple and walnut salad, Whole-roasted barramundi

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ant, moore, chardonnay, wine, 2013

Ant Moore Chardonnay 2013

$27.99 $25.19 NZD
askerne, estate, chardonnay, wine, 2014

Askerne Estate Chardonnay 2015

$23.99 $21.99 NZD
askerne, estate, reserve, chardonnay, wine, 2014

Askerne Estate Reserve Chardonnay 2014

$30.99 $27.99 NZD
collaboration, aurulent, chardonnay, wine, 2016

Collaboration Aurulent Chardonnay 2016

$39.99 $35.99 NZD
cottier, estate, emily, chardonnay, wine, 2015

Cottier Estate Emily Chardonnay 2015

$27.99 $25.19 NZD
cottier, estate, unoaked, chardonnay, wine, 2014

Cottier Estate Unoaked Chardonnay 2014

$23.99 $21.99 NZD
crazy, by, nature, shotberry, chardonnay, wine, 2015

Crazy by Nature Shotberry Chardonnay 2015

$23.00 $20.99 NZD
georges, road, pinot, gris, wine, 2015

De La Terre Chardonnay 2014

$29.99 $26.99 NZD
easthope, skeetfield, hawkes, bay, chardonnay, wine, 2015

Easthope Skeetfield Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2015

$39.99 $35.99 NZD
escarpment, martinborough, chardonnay, wine, 2014

Escarpment Martinborough Chardonnay 2014

$34.99 $31.99 NZD
forrest, estate, chardonnay, wine, 2012

Forrest Estate Chardonnay 2013

$25.00 $22.99 NZD
framingham, chardonnay, wine, 2016

Framingham Chardonnay 2016

$21.99 NZD
johner, estate, chardonnay, martinborough, wine, 2015

Johner Estate Chardonnay Martinborough 2015

$32.00 $28.80 NZD
julicher, estate, chardonnay, wine, 2014

Julicher Estate Chardonnay 2014

$33.99 $29.99 NZD
maimai, creek, pinot, gris, wine, 2015

Maimai Creek Chardonnay 2015

$24.99 $22.99 NZD
matahiwi, estate, chardonnay, wine, 2016

Matahiwi Estate Chardonnay 2016

$22.99 $18.99 NZD
matahiwi, holly, pinot, gris, wine

Matahiwi Holly Chardonnay 2015

$28.99 $26.09 NZD
millton, opou, chardonnay, wine, 2015

Millton Opou Chardonnay 2015

$32.99 $28.99 NZD
mountford, estate, chardonnay, wine, 2010

Mountford Estate Chardonnay 2010

$53.99 $48.99 NZD
mountford, liason, chardonnay, wine, 2011

Mountford Liason Chardonnay 2011

$39.99 $35.99 NZD