Not known for their naturally high acidity, Tempranillo is thick-skinned variety originating from Spain and Portugal. Tempranillo means “little early one”, a name given to it by Spanish grape growers who noticed its habit of ripening early.

The Tempranillo variety has a high anthocyanin count that produces deep-coloured wines with moderate tannins. While its own characteristic flavours are near nonexistence, the wide range of aromas noticeable in Tempranillo based wines gives it a kind of magic within itself.

Typically younger styles from cooler climates produce a strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry aromas while prune, chocolate and tobacco are detectable from ageing and warmer regions.

Tempranillo yields best when hot, sunny days allow it’s thick-skinned to ripen fully while cold nights help them retain their natural acid balance resulting in bright, lively, fruit-driven wines with just the right balance of warmth and tanginess.

Food Matching: Brazilian pork and black-bean stew, Crumbed roasted eggplant with a tomato and basil ragout, Fried blood sausage with rice, Rosemary roasted lamb with red-currant jelly, Thai rare-beef salad

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house, of, ball, the, merger, tempranillo, pinotage, wine, 2015

House of Ball The Merger Tempranillo Pinotage 2015

$43.00 $38.70 NZD
obsidian, tempranillo, wine, 2014

Obsidian Tempranillo 2014

$39.99 $35.99 NZD