Riesling is a light-skinned, aromatic grape of German origin and in recent years has become the fourth most popular white varietal planted in New Zealand with 85% being grown in the South Island wine regions of Nelson, Marlborough, Waipara Valley and Central Otago.

The cool southerly climate of the South Island with bright days, cool nights, long dry sunny autumns, large diurnal variance and low humidity is perfectly suited for harvesting Riesling.

The flavours from northerly wine regions of the South Island, Nelson and Marlborough, tend to have lemon, lime and spicy characters while the southerly regions of Canterbury and Central Otago are green apples and crisp citrus. Styles range from bone dry to lushly sweet.

Food Matching: Grilled garlic chicken and figs with tahini sauce (dry and off-dry), Peach-glazed pork chops (dry and off-dry), Quiche lorraine (dry and off-dry), Seared scallops with fennel salad (dry and off-dry), Thai green curry (dry and off-dry), Yellow fin tuna sashimi (dry)

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aurum, wines, , riesling, , wine, 2015

Aurum Dry Riesling 2015

$28.00 NZD
carrick, wines, bannockburn, central, otago, wine, 2014

Carrick Wines Bannockburn Riesling 2014

$27.00 NZD
domain, road, dry, riesling, wine, 2015

Domain Road Dry Riesling 2015

$25.00 NZD
domain, road, duffers, creek, rieslng, wine, 2014

Domain Road Duffers Creek Riesling 2014

$25.00 NZD
forrest, estate, botrytised, riesling, wine, 2011

Forrest Estate Botrytised Riesling 2011

$28.00 NZD
forrest, estate, riesling, wine, 2012

Forrest Estate Riesling 2012

$22.00 NZD
forrest, estate, riesling, wine, 2013

Forrest Estate Riesling 2013

$22.00 NZD
forrest, estate, tatty, bogler, rieslng, wine, 2013

Forrest Estate Tatty Bogler Riesling 2013

$25.00 NZD
forrest, estate, the, doctors, rieslng, wine, 2015

Forrest Estate The Doctors Riesling 2015

$22.00 NZD
forrest, estate, the, valleys, wairau, brancott, riesling, wine, 2009

Forrest Estate The Valleys Wairau Brancott Riesling 2009

$22.00 NZD
forrest, estate, the, valleys, wairau, dry, riesling, wine, 2010

Forrest Estate The Valleys Wairau Dry Riesling 2010

$22.00 NZD
framingham, classic, riesling, wine, 2015

Framingham Classic Riesling 2015

$25.00 NZD
georges road, riesling, wine, 2013

Georges Road Riesling 2013

$25.00 NZD
hawkshead, riesling, wine, 2015

Hawkshead Riesling 2015

$28.00 NZD
hunter's, wines, riesling,marlborough, riesling, wine, 2016

Hunter’s Riesling 2016

$20.00 NZD
johanneshof, cellars, riesling, wine, 2016

Johanneshof Cellars Riesling 2016

$25.00 NZD
johner, estate, riesling, wairarapa, wine, 2016

Johner Estate Riesling Wairarapa 2016

$24.00 NZD
julicher, estate, riesling, wine, 2014

Julicher Estate Riesling 2014

$25.00 NZD

Locharburn Riesling 2013

$25.00 NZD
main, divide, riesling, waipara, riesling, wine, 2014

Main Divide Riesling 2014

$22.00 NZD