Arrow River Wine

Arrow River Wine Company produce handcrafted wines of excellence from Central Otago, New Zealand. The company is owned by Wayne Boyd and Peter Waters and is now preparing for its 9th Vintage. The company has won numerous awards over the past few years including trophies in San Francisco, London and Sydney.

Arrow River is proud to announce that Bracken’s Order Pinot Noir 2008 & 2009 have both been selected by Layton’s of London for distribution in some of London’s top restaurants. Our 2011 Pinot Noir has had some excellent recent reviews and has been recommended by Decanter Magazine in the UK.

Arrow River’s current release will be our 2011 Pinot Noir. This wine has warmth & richness with vibrant, dark cherry fruit flavours. This is a single vineyard Gibbston Valley wine. Only 400 cases were made.


Kiwi Winemaker Brendan Seal is one of the rising stars of Central Otago wines and has previously worked as Head Winemaker for Denbies Vineyard in Surrey, England. Brendan's Chalk Ridge Rose won Gold at The International Wine Challenge in London, the only Rose to be awarded Gold from 367 entries. Congratulations Brendan. No mean feat from English grown grapes!

Our History

BRACKEN’S ORDER - the story behind the wine

In 1862, Sergeant Major Hugh William Bracken arrived in Arrowtown as part of the Otago Mounted Police. Bracken had fought in the Crimean War for the British Army’s 5th Inniskilling Dragoons so was no stranger to battle, conquest and resolution.

A protestant and a loyalist, his imposing frame and immense power proved priceless in the rugged, untouched wilderness of Central Otago.

But Bracken was also a clever businessman. He established the Queen’s Arms Hotel with the founding father of Queenstown, William Rees in 1863, which eventually became the hotel, Eichardt’s, that rests majestically on Queenstown’s lakefront today.

The legend of Bracken’s authority, single-mindedness and attention to excellence is continued by the Arrow River Wine Company of Central Otago, with a range of single-vineyard wines from the Gibbston Valley.

Releases are boutique, limited, modest and prized, with an emphasis on rigorous refinement and integrity, just as Bracken would have demanded.

This is Bracken’s Order.

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CONTACT: Peter Waters