Batch Winery

This new state of the art winery located at the island’s highest vineyard provides awe-inspiring views to the gulf islands and beyond.

Family-owned Batch Winery produces wines which are crafted in small lots without compromise. Our wines seek to express the uniqueness of the land.

With vines growing for twenty years Batch Winery produces estate wines under BATCH and reserve wines under THOMAS & SONS including quality Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Flora.

Thomas & Sons is our premium wine developing a passionate following.

Batch Winery is a unique addition to the Waiheke wine destination. The only winery producing and bottling sparkling wines onsite. Batch’s FIZZ sparkling Rosé and Riesling wines the perfect match for summer celebrations and family holiday times.

Our History

“As Batch Winery’s international owners we selected Waiheke Island in New Zealand for its beauty, lifestyle and the recognition of wines. We searched the world including Europe and North and South America for a vineyard that could match our desire to create batch-driven quality wines. Waiheke matched our wishes with its island location, outstanding beauty, people and a lifestyle of relaxing holidays, special family time and celebrations when the pleasure of quality wine makes the occasion special.”

We visited New Zealand to look at a vineyard for sale in the south but a chance to rest and recover on Waiheke before flying south changed our minds. During our short stay we became enchanted with Waiheke Island, the bourgeoning reputation for Waiheke wines also helped.

Wines created by Batch Winery on Waiheke are batch-driven and boutique, unlike many international wine regions with their acre upon acre of vines, mammoth harvest machines working the rows and huge productions where the resulting grapes for wine production becomes a commodity.

Each wine created by Batch Winery carries a label reflecting the care of each batch of grapes to wine with unique “batch” numbers referencing vintage years and styles of wine. The label also recalls the colours of wine in tone and shade from pale lemon lime to claret and rose.

The name of Batch Winery recalls all this and more. There is also another influence. New Zealand’s iconic “bach” is a word that sounds the same and importantly, recalls New Zealand’s relaxed family holiday lifestyle. The New Zealand word “bach” references a holiday home, often simple and by the sea, a place where extended family relaxes together building family memories, a concept synonymous with Waiheke Island.”

The Thomas family

129 Carsons Road
Waiheke Island

P: +64 9 372 3223