Dog Point Vineyard

Dog Point Vineyard combines the considerable wine-growing experience of Ivan and Margaret Sutherland and, James and Wendy Healy.

Total involvement by the partners from the vineyard to the winemaking process through to the marketing of their regionally distinctive wines, ensures that Dog Point Vineyards remains a boutique and family oriented business producing wines with a clear point of difference.

Winemaking duo James and Ivan embody the spirit of quality winemaking by combining their experience and passion with old world philosophies and new world technologies.

The name Dog Point dates back to the earliest European settlement of Marlborough and the introduction of sheep to the district. These were the days where, due to a lack of fences, boundary riders used boundary keeping dogs to protect the local flocks of sheep.

Shepherds’ dogs sometimes became lost or wandered off, eventually breeding to form a marauding pack that attacked the same flocks they were meant to be protecting. Eventually settlers were forced to cull the dogs and the area was named Dog Point.

Luxury Bed and Breakfast

The Bell Tower on Dog Point is a boutique luxury bed and breakfast, located on the Western hillside of Marlborough’s Dog Point Vineyard and in the heart of New Zealand’s premium wine growing region. The Bell Tower provides spectacular vistas over Marlborough's Richmond Range and Wairau Plains.

Self-catering, bed and breakfast and dinner by arrangement, are all available options. Walking tracks on the property allow guests to explore the nearby vineyards and native plantings, soaking up the surrounding views and finishing with a wine tasting at Dog Point Vineyard if desired.

Cnr Dog Point and New Renwick Roads

P: +64 3 572 8294
F: +64 3 572 8040

CONTACT: Margaret Sutherland