Many years ago during a holiday to Port Douglas John and Audrey Matheson became great friends with the owners of a sugar plantation called ‘Drumsara.’ Here they enjoyed delicious food, fine wine and friendly hospitality during this holiday. The plantation was named ‘Drumsara’ after their home town in County Derry, Ireland.

Some years later John and Audrey set themselves a challenge of planting a vineyard and producing top quality Pinot Noir. When deciding on a name Drumsara came to mind as it evoked thoughts of what was important to them: family, friends, food, wine and the enjoyment of life.

Today, John spends most days down on the vineyard working with Garry, our extremely talented viticulturist. To achieve great results many hours of work is spent on the vines and as a result there is always a job to be done. John is so proud of the vineyard that he is more than happy to show you around if you are in the area.

Our Vineyard

Situated high on a glacial outwash gravel plateau the Drumsara vineyard overlooks the Central Otago towns of Clyde & Alexandra. Being a boutique family owned vineyard allows us to focus on producing hand-picked estate Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines.

We proudly use traditional and innovative viticulture techniques throughout the vineyard.

The Alexandra Wine Growing Region

Alexandra, a lesser known sub region of Central Otago, is establishing itself as a region regarded for its high quality Pinot Noir. It has a dry desert like climate which typically produces 1200 - 1300 growing degree days and a rainfall of 350mm. Warm days and cool nights are proving to be an ideal growing environment. Come on a personal vineyard experience to see it for yourself.

Hand Tendered Vines

To produce wine of the highest quality we use our hands when others use machines. After our customers our most valuable assets are our pinot grape vines. As a result we thin, pluck and harvest by hand to ensure their health and the soil from which they grow.

Keeping Our Vines Safe

Jack frost often visits so the need for frost protection throughout Central Otago is a must. If temperatures become too low at the beginning of the season it destroys the plant cells and potential fruit. At the end of the season frosts can also damage the vines leaves that are required to help the vines ripen the fruit.

We fight Jack via an overhead sprinkler system which delivers enough water that freezes on the surface of the vine, bud or fruit (depending on the time of year). This creates an 'ice cocoon' which does not fall below freezing level, thus ensuring their safety.

Wine Awards

  • Drumsara Central Otago Pinot Noir 2007 (Liquorland Top 100 2008, Gold Medal and Trophy Wines)
  • Drumsara Central Otago Pinot Noir 2007 TROPHY (Sydney International Wine Competition 2009, Award Winning Wines)
  • DRUMSARA WINES CENTRAL OTAGO PINOT NOIR 2008 (Sydney International Wine Competition 2010, Award Winning Wines)
  • DRUMSARA - CENTRAL OTAGO PINOT GRIS - 2011 (Sydney International Wine Competition 2013, Award Winning Wines)
  • Drumsara Pinot Noir Ventifacts Block 2007 (Best in Class) (International Wine and Spirit 2008)
  • Drumsara Central Otago Pinot Noir 2008 (International Wine and Spirit 2009)

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Central Otago

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CONTACT: Wayne Matheson