Felton Road

Felton Road is a small, artisan producer of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. Established in 1991, and investing heavily in meticulous biodynamic viticultural practices, Felton Road has quickly gained a reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading premium wine producers. The three estate vineyards are all located in Central Otago’s Bannockburn sub-region. The winemaking maintains an emphasis on natural winemaking in a gravity flow winery: practices such as whole cluster, wild yeasts, and an absence of fining and filtration are hallmarks of Felton Road’s wines.

Our Vineyard

The Elms Vineyard at the end of Felton Road lies in a gently sloping, north facing valley cut into the Bannockburn hills at the southern extremity of the Cromwell basin. Immediately above the vineyard lies Stewart Town and a large dam, where water was stored for sluicing the slopes of Bannockburn during the gold-rush which started in the 1860's. The fact that this valley was untouched by the gold miners is possibly a reflection of the deep benches of heavy soil that form much of its structure: soils unlikely to hold significant amounts of gold. After the gold miners departed, the slopes were left for sheep to graze until Stewart Elms discovered the site's potential for great Pinot Noir. He started to plant in 1992 and Felton Road began.

Felton Road
Central Otago

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