Fromm Winery

It seems like the beginning of Fromm winery happened by chance. It was by chance that 4th generation Swiss winemaker Georg Fromm and his family were travelling around New Zealand and happened to meet, firstly, the Cudden family – a Marlborough family with a small vineyard, and secondly, Hätsch Kalberer a Swiss born winemaker based in Gisborne working for Matawhero winery at the time.

From these initial meetings in the late 1980’s, an idea was born by Georg – to purchase a piece of land and develop a winery, with the help of new friend Hätsch Kalberer who had experience in both the traditional ways of European winemaking and understood the New Zealand way of wine. It seemed like the perfect plan. Two years later in January 1992, after the talking became planning, and the planning then planting, Fromm Winery had officially started.

Since then Fromm Winery has built an international reputation by producing an array of outstanding wines that reflect both European style and kiwi ingenuity.

Today the passion for wine continues, now under the careful eye of old family friend and now owner Pol Lenzinger and Swiss business partner Georg Walliser. Georg Fromm has moved his focus back to the family winery in Malans Switzerland.


If you are passing through Marlborough we would love to see you for a visit at our Cellar Door. Here you have the opportunity to taste our current release wines together with some older vintage library releases. We also have some wines available only for Mail Order and Cellar Door customers.

From October to April we are open seven days from 11am to 5pm for tastings and wine sales. During the cooler months from May to September we are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm and at other times by appointment.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, either through email or by phone. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Our Vineyard


Winegrowing at Fromm follows a simple philosophy: quality over quantity. From the beginning we have been very conscientious about the health of our vineyards. We do this not for commercial or publicity reasons but for genuine concern for our lands, plants, environment and the health of our team. We also believe that organic wines, by virtue of there being no artificial chemical substances put on or near our vines, will be much purer expressions of their terroir and vintage.

We achieve our results by having closely planted vines, frugal irrigation and low cropping to create textural, intensely flavoured wines. Our vineyard practices also create a quality result for the environment as we aim for zero irrigation, and transform winery waste into compost to go back on to the land to retain water and feed the soil. The vines were planted in traditional European style: very densely spaced, closer to the ground, and tressled for more open, less powerful canopies.

15 Godfrey Road

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CONTACT: William Hoare