gibbston, highgate, estate, central, otago

Like most winegrowers we are passionate about the care of our vineyard. The quality of wine we strive to produce depends on clean, ripe fruits. One advantage of being a small estate winery is that our vineyard is worked by hand and we can give the necessary attention to each step in the process.

Our vineyard, Gibbston Highgate Estate historically made up part of the lower Waitiri Station farm. The original land was a high-country merino sheep station where the “highgate” was opened in spring to let the sheep roam over the mountaintops once the snow had melted. The ‘Highgate’ leads to the Coal Pit Saddle framing the distant landscape behind the property. Surrounded by mountains, the front of the property is dominated by another massive bluff, Rock Peak. Gibbston Highgate Estate is nestled close to the base of the Mount Rosa massif, with the Nevis Bluff to the east and Coronet Peak to the west.

This country produces brilliantly distinctive central Otago wines because of the altitude; it can also produce heartbreak for the winegrower with unseasonable weather.

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