Mahurangi River

In a world of sameness we remain individual.

Our wine is handmade and hand crafted with passion, right here onsite, in one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed wine growing regions. We make all our wine using a combination of the best of both traditional and new world techniques, capturing the very soul and seasons of this region.

The Winery sits alongside the restaurant, allowing our customers to watch us at work producing the delectable wines that they are likely to be enjoying at their table. Simply gorgeous.

Our Vineyard

Mahurangi River’s Vineyard is embedded in the hills looking towards the Matakana Valley - a stunning, special place where passion, skills and care produce grapes that go on to allow us to produce a selection of truly first class wines.

Mahurangi River is a property that has the terroir necessary to produce simply gorgeous wine that is growing in popularity and stature.

The Chardonnay and Bordeaux red vines are about 14 years old and recent varieties include new plantings of Albarino and top graftings of Raussanne – both white varieties new to New Zealand (although James Busby is reported to have planted Raussanne in the Bay of Islands in the 1830s!).

Our History

Mahurangi River Winery is owned and operated by Shelley Trotter and Gary Heaven.

Shelley brings more than 15 years of experience as a primary producer, farming top quality beef and venison from ‘Pasture to Plate’, for local and export markets. She also has a Masters Degree in Environmental Science and Geography. This shows in her approach to land management. She aspires to the title of ‘Compost Maker’.

Gary is a computer geek who brings a range of skills to the business, and not just to things to do with computers. He also has huge talents with all things electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and you name it. His preferred title is ‘Cellar Rat’ and it turns out he also has the gift of the gab, and loves to give tours of the winery.

We now devote our energies to producing top quality wines from ‘Terroir to Table’. We only produce wines from grapes that we have grown ourselves at the Mahurangi River vineyard. We guarantee that if it has our Mahurangi River Winery label on it that we grew it ourselves.

As new novice owners we thrive on all the things that there are to learn and to do. Nothing, however, is left to chance. There is a farm manager for the separate venison and beef operation, Solway Deer Farm. And at Mahurangi River Winery there is a vineyard manager, a winemaker, a gardener, and a chef. During busy times there may be as many as 30 people working in the vineyard, garden, winery and restaurant.

“It is essential for our business that both Gary and I are hands on, and we like it that way. We do all and any of these jobs from time to time - except ‘chef’. Some days it’s literally taking out the rubbish and doing the laundry, other days it may be going to conference, checking the temperatures and brix of the wine, or doing the book work.”

Gary’s favourite day is spent in the winery transferring wine from tank to barrel or vice versa whilst sneaking samples to restaurant patrons. For Gary it all starts when the grapes are picked. Shelley’s favourite job is pruning vines on a crisp winter’s day. For Shelley it all starts at pruning, a new beginning to farm the grapes to their maximum potential.

And most importantly none of this could happen without you our customers. We thank you.

Vineyard Cafe

Indulge and satisfy all your senses at Mahurangi River - an experience that’s simply gorgeous.

We're open for lunch on Monday and Thursday to Sunday from 11am-4.00pm.

162 Hamilton Road

P: +64 9 422 3026

CONTACT: Shelley Trotter and Gary Heaven