Middle Earth Wine

Welcome to MIDDLE-EARTH™ wine

From the geographical heart of New Zealand – a land of mythical beauty – comes a family of 100% sustainable, award winning premium quality wines that truly reflect a pure origin.

Located in Nelson, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, the MIDDLE-EARTH™ vineyards really are in the centre of the land synonymous with the Middle-earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Creating wine that reflects the purity of this environment is a real passion for our family, who have been living on and working our land for over 50 years.
MIDDLE-EARTH™ Wine – the purity of our environment, the magic of the land, and the down-to-earth people who work hard making fantasy, a reality.

Our History

Our story starts more than 50 years ago here at the same property our family still lives at now. Four generations have and continue to work on our land. From beginnings as a Dairy farm producing milk for town supply, to where we are now. A producer of premium 100% sustainable wines.

Life as vineyards here started in 1996, where we began this passion as a grower for one of New Zealand’s most successful wine brands Kim Crawford. From there our plantings grew and we quickly became recognized as a grower for other elite NZ wineries around the country.

Over the following years we have supplied specialized wines to various clients such as leading international hotels chains and the Super Yacht industry.

2004 was the first year our family Estate hosted the Brightwater Wine & Food festival, 10 years on the festival still enjoys great success, with attendance of up to 6000 people over the years with all proceeds going to charity. It is a loved day on the local calendar.

2012 marked an exciting time for us as we launched our complete brand MIDDLE-EARTH Vineyards. We now have the enjoyment of the complete vine to bottle offering to wine lovers here and abroad.

Behind the name

When discussing a name for our wine, there were a number of things that we all wanted to achieve in a brand name.

1. Internationally, a name that people can easily recognize as coming from New Zealand. The massive global success of the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit trilogies has put N.Z firmly on the map as Middle-earth. N.Z is famed for its clean, green image and breath-taking scenery this fits perfectly with our 100% sustainable winegrower’s accreditation and philosophy, as well as our regions amazing sights and attractions.

2. Nationally, a brand that all New Zealanders can relate to call and theirs, we wanted a brand that is not just local, but truly national and that every New Zealander can be proud of.

3. Locally, we believe it is important to associate your brand with where it is from, on a lot of occasions in terms of a brand name you will see labels that identify with where they are from geographically, be it a Mountain, river, bay, stream etc. We wanted to look slightly out of the box with this. Nelson our famed wine region is geographically the centre of N.Z, not far from our family vineyards you can take a walk to the very exact centre of New Zealand.

After all these considerations, the decision was easy and MIDDLE-EARTH Vineyards was born.

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