Wines of NZ was founded in 2000 and originally developed as an independent guide to New Zealand vineyards and their fine wines. The domain was considered the perfect website name from which to showcase New Zealand’s local wine achievements internationally, and becoming New Zealand’s leading independent wine information website of its time.

In 2016 the domain was sold to Grant Henderson. The domain has been redeveloped into a new, more contemporary e-commerce website with the added opportunity to buy fine wine directly online from your favorite New Zealand winery.

Knowing which wines to buy or drink with dinner can be equally hard as pronouncing their names. The key to wine shopping is to take it less seriously and approach your wine buying with a sense of fun and adventure. Taste is personal, so any wine that tastes good to you is a good wine.

We hope you enjoy your experience.

Grant Henderson, Owner / Director

Meet the Team

Marcela Rodríguez Blin, Direct Marketing & Brand Manager

Marcela Rodríguez Blin joined Wines of NZ in November 2016 with a background in marketing and event management.  Marcela is responsible for the strategic direction of Wines of NZ’s direct marketing and brand management as well as being very active in the domestic and international community advocating the Wines of NZ brand.  Marcela graduated from Pontificia University Catholic of Valparaiso as an Agronomist Engineer specializing in fruit growing.  Marcela is originally from Chile and she has fallen in love with New Zealand’s pleasant and mild weather, amazing landscapes, lush forests and unique wildlife.  Marcela has a passion for food, fine-wine, and travel.

Shukie Jiang, Social Media Marketing Intern

Shukie Jiang moved to New Zealand at the age of nine from China. She is currently a student at the University of Auckland Business School. Shukie is an optimistic and creative individual who is strongly motivated to learn and understand market behaviours.  Passionate about solving global issues, she participates in volunteering on a regular basis. In her free time, Shukie enjoys immersing herself into all forms of art including dance, music, design, and fashion.

Keyu Chen, Social Media Marketing Intern

Keyu Chen (Nancy) joined Wines of NZ in September 2017. Keyu is an undergraduate student at the University of Auckland Business School. Keyu is responsible for all Mandarin Social Media strategy as well as being very active in the Chinese community advocating the Wines of NZ brand. Keyu is originally from Guangzhou, China and has lived in New Zealand for more than 3 years. Keyu is attracted to the pure and green image of New Zealand.

Vacancy, Demand Planning & Export Operations Manager