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Carrick vineyards and winery are found within the unique microclimate of Bannockburn in Central Otago, a region that has been identified as a place especially suited to the fussy Pinot Noir grape. Because of the commitment to Pinot Noir within Bannockburn, there has been widespread development of substantial Pinot Noir viticultural and winemaking expertise. Carrick’s fine wines are testament to this.

The hot dry Cairnmuir terraces, on which Carrick’s vines are planted, produce grapes of optimal quality making wines which capture the special essence and vibrancy of Central Otago.

Steve Green and Barbara Robertson Green first planted the Cairnmuir Vineyard in 1994. The vineyards are managed by Viticulturist Blair Deaker, using sustainable viticulture practices, producing optimum quality grapes. The vineyards are in conversion to organics with BioGro certification.

Carrick have spent three years gaining official organic certification. From the 2011, all Carrick wines are officially certified organic although they have been producing organic wines since 2008.

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