charcoal, gully, estate, central, otago

Charcoal Gully Estate is situated on land adjacent to Mount Pisa Station, which lies between Cromwell and Wanaka on State Highway 6. This area is known as Pisa. Our north-facing vineyard lies on gently sloping land on the lower of two river terraces, at an altitude of 230 metres.

In searching for a property to develop in the late 1990’s Brian and Cheryll Sanders found themselves being drawn to the challenge of some kind of horticultural venture “on the edge”. The Cromwell Basin in Central Otago, with its stunning scenery and relaxed lifestyle, proved to be the perfect place in which to live the dream.

Having finally decided on a parcel of 28 hectares on Mt Pisa Station, the first challenge proved to be riding out the tediously lengthy Tenure Review process that Mt Pisa Station owners, Murray and Jacky McMillan, faced. Having committed to the land the next step was how to develop it given that at that time it lay beyond the “wine belt” of the Cromwell Basin.

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