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Cracroft Chase vineyard is in a picturesque cul-de-sac valley nestled at the foot of the Christchurch Port Hills. Between 1998 and 1999, five hectares were planted exclusively with Pinot Gris, on grafted rootstock. Sheltered on three sides by hills clad in forestry, and fully opened to the Nor’ West, the valley enjoys a special micro climate. The ‘U’ trellising system allows air and sun through the canopy. Summer plucking and harvesting are done by hand.

The grapes are processed in the onsite winery, with artisan attention to detail. A combination of lees stirring and malolactic fermentation adds complexity to the wine The label carries the name of the original landowners, the Cracroft-Wilson family, settlers who owned all of the Cashmere area in Christchurch as well as the hunting chase where the vineyard is located. In this way a little piece of New Zealand history is preserved. The label name Wood’s Edge refers to the peculiar location of the vineyard. Alessandro and Wilma Laryn, who immigrated from Italy in 1996, own and manage the property. Members and friends of the Cracroft Residents’ Association provide skilled and heartfelt help in the vineyard.

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