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Giesen Wines have been exclusively produced in New Zealand for over 30 years. While our first vineyard was in Burnham, just outside of Christchurch, the Giesen brothers had their eyes on the Marlborough region, owing to the area’s exceptional climate and diverse soils. By 1993, they had purchased a dairy farm and converted it to a vineyard, marking the largest development of its kind at the time.

After years of growth, today we personally own and manage 700 acres of vineyards in Marlborough. In addition, we developed long-term partnerships with some of the region’s best growers to allow us to produce a diverse range of wines.

Located in a picturesque corner of New Zealand’s South Island, our 13 vineyards are situated throughout the Marlborough region, which is distinguished by the bordering mountain ranges and fertile ancient riverbed soil. As many wine lovers already know, the climate and Terroir of a region can drastically alter the taste and tone of a wine. Marlborough’s cool nights and sunny days allow our grapes to have an extended ripening period, resulting in a zesty, fruity flavour. Wairau Valley is marked by its shallow, low fertility soils that drain quickly. This makes for a particularly unique wine, enhancing the tasting experience with every sip.

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