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Millton Vineyard is a wonderful winery to visit. Established In 1984 by James and Annie Millton, Millton sits on the banks of the Te Arai River, near Manutuke, where early settlers first planted grapevines in 1871. In its first five years of production Millton established itself as a New Zealand leader in the production of sweet late harvested Rieslings and wines of style coming from the Chenin Blanc variety.

The winery has won numerous gold medals, and several trophies at National and international wine competitions. Millton’s Te Arai vineyard Chenin Blanc is a top example of its type and well worth tasting if you haven’t already.

Its Opou vineyard Riesling is another top wine. Millton also produces good Chardonnay and Viognier wines. The vineyard has Bio-Gro certification, meaning no synthetic spray is used in growing its grapes.

The winery welcomes visitors and includes a tranquil garden setting where you can rest and picnic.

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