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Moana Park winery is a family-owned winery in the pursuit of creating New Zealand’s finest natural wines which pay homage to some of the very best viticultural sites throughout the progressive wine-growing region of Hawke’s Bay.

The winery and Moana Park brand was developed in 2000, and owners Dan and Kaylea Barker continue to build the Moana Park brand through making and selling fine wine, providing consultation services to other vineyards and wineries in addition to process and making wine on behalf of their clients.

The natural, low allergen philosophy came about as chief winemaker Dan became passionate about creating a wine that would stand up to his own allergies to sulphites and histamines, while wanting to make a top-quality wine without the interference of harsh additives. This philosophy is now key to Moana Park’s ability to produce exceptional quality, award-winning wines.

The concept of wines being made in the vineyard is fast becoming a cliché with wine producers all becoming increasingly vineyard orientated in the search for superior wines. Moana Park is no exception; with the proven history of the vineyards and the success of the wines Moana Park continues to source grapes from its tried-and-true vineyards, while growing the winery’s capacity by selectively adding new vineyards to the portfolio that align with its underlying philosophies and requirements for quality.

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