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This small boutique fruit winery is situated just outside the village of Lepperton, whilst still under the watchful eye of Mount Taranaki.

Established in 1984 Sentry Hill Winery has produced wines which have won approval from Wine enthusiasts throughout New Zealand, and the highest awards from the Fruit Wine industry. These include gold and silver medals and the “Best Red Fruit Wine”award for its Garrison Red Medium and Garrison Red Dry Boysenberry Wines.

Wines are produced by traditional methods, with meticulous attention to detail, whilst still taking advantage of modern techniques. The resulting wines are clean, crisp and true to the flavour of the fruit which they originate.

Sentry Hill Winery has a wine for every occasion from a Special Celebration, to a quite night in, or just relaxing with friends. Draught Apple Cider is also produced at the Winery. Sentry Hill Pure Fruit Juices are also available, these are made from top quality fruit and are absolutely free from any preservatives, colouring and contain no added sugar.

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