Wines of NZ is an independent guide to New Zealand vineyards and their fine wines. It’s a place for international and local wine lovers to discover New Zealand wineries and their quality wines. You will get to know the wineries and how they produce their wine, while reading the latest wine reviews and tasting notes on New Zealand wine.

As well as these, we offer you the opportunity to buy fine wine online directly from your favourite New Zealand vineyard winery. If you don’t have a favourite yet, our wide range of options will help you to decide. Should you need a wine glass as well, we can help with that.

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Wines of NZ is one of the best places to buy fine wine online, view our extensive wine store of New Zealand wines, read the latest wine reviews, tasting and vintage notes before deciding to buy a distinctive bottle of New Zealand wine online. Find that special wine that may otherwise be…


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Enjoying wine is all about aromas; Wines of NZ is the best place to buy wine glasses online. To appreciate all the qualities of a New Zealand wine you need the right, good-quality wine glass. The right wine glass will help release and collect the wine aromas, making your wine…


New Zealand Regions & Vineyards

New Zealand’s wine regions distinctive geographical characteristics provide a surprisingly varied terroir for such a small country, extending 1,600km from the sub-tropical wine regions in the Bay of Islands to the snow-capped mountains of Central Otago, the world’s most…


New Zealand Wine Styles

New Zealand wine is renowned for its unique characteristics, and famous for its purity, vibrancy and intensity.  New Zealand wine regions produce a variety of wine styles, from the early Cabernet Sauvignon blends in the sub-tropical wine region of…


New Zealand Wine & Food Events

New Zealand’s Wine & Food festivals showcase our world-renowned award winning wines along with our delicious local cuisine of olives, seafood’s, meats and other water mouth delicacies. Most wine & food festivals offer music and entertainment…


New Zealand Wine Tours

New Zealand wine tours are crafted around exquisite wine, fine cuisine and enlightening stories and facts of New Zealand wine regions and their wineries. Book a wine tour and discover, taste and experience some of New Zealand’s best wineries and…