36 Bottles

36 bottles’ is the brand of Mt Aspiring Wines Limited. The company is a boutique winery producing limited amounts of fine Central Otago Pinot Noir.

All of our grapes are harvested by hand. This allows the pickers to select the best fruit, removing any bird damaged or unripe grapes before delivery to the winery.

Working with small batches we follow a minimalist and gentle approach to winemaking. In some batches we ferment a small percentage of the grapes as whole bunches to retain some of the bright fruit aromas and flavours. The rest of the grapes are destemmed, and a small percentage of this fraction lightly crushed before going to tank. After a few days of pre-fermentation cool maceration to assist colour and tannin extraction we ferment the grape must at temperatures of up to 31oC, and hand plunge up to four times a day.

The variations in taste and textures we achieve are further enhanced by the use of a range of new and older French oak barrels for aging the wine. All of our barrels are sourced from French cooperages in the Central Region of France.


Douglas Brett - Douglas is the driving force behind 36 Bottles. His vision and passion for great wine, coupled with “not being able to sit on the sidelines any longer”, has culminated in the creation of 36 bottles. A trained winemaker, and former Australasian wine options champ, Douglas’ skill and discerning palate guide us in our winesmithing endeavours.

Wine Awards

  • 36 Bottles Pinot Noir 2008 (International Wine Challenge 2010)

PO Box 54211
Mana 5247

P: +64 4 233 8978
M: +64 27 221 0198

CONTACT: Jane and Douglas