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Corban’s pioneering winemaking heritage in New Zealand dates back to 1912, when Corban’s founder, Assid Corban, paid £320 pounds for four hectares of land in Henderson, at the base of Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges.

Born into a family of Lebanese stonemasons and winemakers, Assid Corban and his young family planted their newly acquired land in grapevines. Initially selling their wine from a truck that travelled the country, the Corban’s family established their winery as one of New Zealand’s finest.

Corban’s holds a special place in New Zealand winemaking history and has long been recognised for its contribution to the development of modern viticulture and winemaking practices in New Zealand. Key milestones which have confirmed Corban’s at the forefront of the industry time and again include the first plantings of Chardonnay and the introduction of temperature-controlled fermentation in winemaking.

Trusted by New Zealand consumers for over 110 years, Corban’s wines continues to be committed to crafting outstanding varietal wines, using modern technology as well as time-honoured winemaking principles.

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