Mount Tamahunga Vineyard

Formally known as “The Antipodean” it was purchased by the Whitmore Family in 2004 and the property was rebranded as “Mount Tamahunga Vineyard” in 2007.

2007 also saw Sam and the Whitmore family take over full responsibility for both the running of the vineyard and the winemaking.

Mount Tamahunga is a local landmark, being the highest peak in a range running from the coastal township of Leigh inland. It is a prominent feature in the vineyard’s outlook. Tama meaning ‘son’ or ‘youthful’ and hunga meaning ‘eruption’.

There are two labels in the Mt Tamahunga family – ‘Tama’ being the more “youthful” wine with an earlier drinking style and ‘Mount Tamahunga’, the reserve that will mature well with cellaring.

Our Vineyard

A large emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil. This provides the platform for growing healthy, clean fruit, full of natural flavour and aromatics.

Year round the vineyard is hand tended with a large number of man hours ensuring that the fruit is the best it can be for every vintage.

An ideal north-facing aspect provides maximum sun exposure, with rows running north to south for even bunch ripening. The high density planting of around 5000vines/ha results in smaller more concentrated yeilds with the aim of no more than 1-1.5kg of fruit per vine.

The original vineyard comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon (70%), Merlot (20%), Malbec (5%) and Syrah (5%). Both Syrah and Cabernet Franc perform extremely well in our microclimate. As such, we are currently implementing a replanting program of new French clones of Syrah and Cabernet Franc.

167 Tongue Farm Road

P: +64 9 422 2661

CONTACT: Sam Whitmore