Folium Sauvignon Blanc


Dhall & Nash

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The wines of Folium are quite different to the standard NZ Savvy Bees - made using only organic fruit, they offer a more elegant take on the variety. This is crisp but textural, with a lemony core and some riper white peach and pear notes. There's concentration to the fruit, with a juicy finish. Lovely.

It’s impossible to resist the bright and spritely charms of this stunning Sauvignon Blanc, which has everything you need for a go-to food-pairing white wine. Packed full of character, it’s a fantastic choice for leafy green salads, green vegetable dishes, and anything combining fresh herbs and soft cheeses. It’s ideal with oily fish, simply grilled or barbecued, steamed fish fillets with a citrus twist, and for chicken breast served with lemon, garlic and parsley. However, it’s fabulously versatile, and brilliant with pretty much any mildly-flavored dish you can throw at it!