De La Terra Reserve Tannat


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Tannat originates from the Madiran region of south-west France – the variety the so-called “French Paradox” is based on. Tannat is known for its huge colour and tannin concentration – in the Madiran region, this grape has the nickname of ‘la folle noir’ – literally ‘the crazy black grape’. It has a unique aroma and flavour profile – vibrant fruit alongside ‘earthy’ notes.

The colour of the wine is a rich and vibrant hue of real intensity.
The nose has a totally unique fruit profile of blackberry/blueberry notes and an underlying earthiness with hints of fountain-pen ink and a seam of French oak. At present, the wine displays a youthful vibrancy – our experience is that with bottle age, the primary fruit gives way to earthiness and increased complexity.
There is a burst of black cherry fruit with a fresh lively mid-palate. The winemaking was directed towards softening the tannins to create mid-palate ‘flesh’ – tannins support rather than dominate the palate here. Acid has been managed to enhance the wines vibrancy and fruit.