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Folding Hill is a boutique wine company dedicated to producing fine pinot noir from its own 10 acre vineyard on the northern terraces of Bendigo Creek in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Attention to detail in the vineyard enables us to take gentle, hands off approach to winemaking. This allows the wine to fully reflect the special place it comes from.

Folding Hill was an easy place to fall in love with. We had looked at over 30 potential sites in Central Otago by the time we walked out onto a bare sheep paddock nestled on a northern terrace of Bendigo Creek in 2001. It was deepest winter, the sky was azure and cloudless, the Pisa range covered in fresh snow. We felt the magic of the place.

Since that first visit we have taken a single minded approach to producing the very best Pinot Noir possible from our special part of the world.

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